Shattering Stereotypes

In order to assess mindsets about Hispanic/Latino culture during Hispanic Heritage Month, students collected, analyzed, and displayed data from a sample of students at Garinger High School. Students collected data centered around two key questions:

  1. When you hear the word hispanic, what comes to mind?

  2. What images do you associate with hispanic/latino culture?

After collecting over 100 student responses, they met as a team, and analyzed the stereotypes - good and bad. They were shocked at some of the responses from their peers, but used those responses as motivation to educate others.

As a result, they were able to create an interactive display where they addressed common stereotypes and misconceptions to students during lunches. They celebrated and highlighted prominent Hispanic/Latino figures. Furthermore they were able to practice public speaking skills, networking, and analyzing voluntary responses in order to educate others about issues important to them.

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